The Glass Virus
Peter Otto
Speaking about the Glassfield

The material of Glass is worthless, a body, but clearly not without a soul and from the origin of sand: meaningless. In my opinion the Glassfield has now in 2014 ended up in a bubble of new consciousness. There’s the local, so called folklore mentality to explore the manual object, the behaviors, and also the mental illness, to ignore strangers and to express their own glorified feelings of love to the materialization of Art, or even helpfulness: there are so beloved Art feelings. What will happen if the American Artist Matthew Barney is asked by the ‘Glassworld’ to have the opportunity of working for himself? That’s the main question about techniques as well as related questions. Let’s imagine what emerges from these kinds of invitations. Or at the same time we have to realize:

’Why are the artists like Matthew Barney not involved with the actual Glassworld’? We also shouldn’t forget the Italian artist Luciano Fabro about his point of view, but I suggested he was very well involved with the importance of this question. He said throughout his life and work: ‘The material is in transmigration’.

This is to me a creative sense of awareness. But over the whole scene, there is a new feeling of artificial meaning and the strength to develop a new sense of quality. In this worldwide connecting wave of the Glassfield in 2014, there the wish and willingness to get away from a connection of horizontal mentality, and to have a new brave opportunity, the appreciation of craftsmanship for a and superb artificial exclamation. This origin question, how to develop the real Art piece itself, is the main thing.

Prof. Peter Otto (independent Artist) currently Head of the Department of Ceramics and Glass Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, BRD

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