On the Hybrid

THE GLASS VIRUS THINK TANK #7. September 22 + 23 2023

The symposium was made possible by

Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds
Hugo van Win Glasfonds

Again, we were hosted in the premises of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. In this first symposium after the pandemic, we were happy to welcome 40 participants to 2 days of listening, playing, discussing, and making new friends.

Day 1 started with a lecture by Luk Lambrecht, a curator, writer and educator from Belgium, who shared his ideas on the hybrid in the artist practice. Gathered from his personal experience, from collaborations with the local Belgian art scecne to acclaimed artists like Gerhard Richter, Luk gave us more than one question to debate on.

On day 2, things started to get a little bit more physical, as Anna Mlasowsky, know for her performances, interactions with the audience and a wider hybrid practice, made us move with and listen to bubbles of thin blown glass. From the hybrid artist to the hybrid audience, looking for the queer in ourselves and in our practice as artists, designers or educators.

Ufuk Akbey and Marie De Bruyn gave a couple of demonstrations of Ufuk's work in the hotshop.

We do not publish any outcomes of the symposium, as we want to provide optimal conditions for the participants and maintain our conversations open and confidential.

The Glass Virus will continue the discussion on hybrid and queer practices at the 2024 GAS conference in Berlin. See HERE for more information.

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