The Glass Virus introduces the Seminar Series 2020. A new format for online exchange and the conversation of current topics in glass art and art education.

Due to the pandemic, a continuation of the Think Tanks, with physical presence of all participants, did not seem feasible. But especially now it is important that the community actively cooperates in finding solutions for the whole community as well as for individual partners, especially the artists, who are affected by the restrictions and consequences of the lockdown and a shrinking economy. This is why we have looked at alternative forms so that we can still be a supporting platform for our network.

In monthly sessions, we want to discuss various examples of artists practices and the future of (recently graduated) artists and designers and glass-art education.
It is difficult enough for young artists to conduct a practice in which they are economically and socially independent immediately after their studies. However, this year's graduates are facing even more challenges because social and economic structures are partially or completely absent and they have to build a professional life in an incomparable situation.
Young artists rightly have questions, doubts and concerns about their personal future as artists, within a transforming society that seeks to redefine itself. The consequences of the pandemic, social and ecological fairness, cultural equality; are all subjects, which are often addressed in the work of the young artists.
The Glass Virus wants to make these concerns accessible in the seminars and share it with a large audience, including educational and professional institutions, individual makers, curators and students.

Every last Wednesday of the coming five months, the Glass Virus will organize an online seminar with invite young artists, who will present their work and discuss the practice, interest and future endeavors with experienced experts.

The first set of seminars will contemplate the following topics:
Making Art in Pandemic Time October 28 2020. 6:15 pm CET
• Culture of Inclusivity November 25 2020. 6:15 pm CET
• Writing as a Way of Making December 16 2020. 6:15 pm CET
• Performance and Materialism January 27 2021. 6:15 pm CET
• New Work, New Audiences February 24 2021. 6:15 pm CET

The seminars will be accessible on Zoom. Links will be published on the Glass Virus website, on instagram and facebook.
See the Seminar section below for detailed information and registration.

The Glass Virus seminars have been made possible by Pictoright Fonds - Pictoright